The Clinging Cross

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Clinging Cross? Let Jane Davis tell you in her own words how God led her to create the Clinging Cross:

“In February 2003, when my father was dying in the hospital, I had asked God to give me something tangible to hold that would be a constant reminder that He was ever-present with me while I was living through this crisis. I had tried to hold a wall cross, but it wasn’t comfortable, so during my prayer time, God revealed to me that He was going to give me what I had asked for. I’m a Christian jewelry designer, but the next morning, God and I worked in clay and within minutes, He shared with me the Clinging Cross design.” –Jane Davis

Who uses this little cross?

According to Jane:  “Every person, regardless of gender or age. Pastors hold it while preaching,  soloists while singing, people going through chemotherapy, surgery, and other physical pain and crisis. It’s also given as gifts to caretakers, teens in confirmation and graduation. For couples starting out their married life together and the birth of a new baby. It’s also used by people in 12-step programs, share groups and those experiencing the grieving process. It’s wonderful for our military men and women and their families. In other words, they are God’s reminders to anyone and everyone experiencing life.

The Clinging Cross Prayer:

When my mind is fuzzy

And my eyes are dim with tears,

I need to feel Your presence, Lord, And know that You are near.


When my heart is racing

And my thoughts have such a sting,

I tightly grasp this little cross

And prayerfully I cling.


It’s not a magic piece –

This cross Your father planned,

But when I cling to it

I feel Your nail-scarred hand.


Poem by Jane Davis

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